Vintaina Vantakambu

I never wanted to cook, but now that I am living away from mom, I crave for home food and hence I started to cook. I am lucky for the fact that any recipe I tried became a success. This may be starters Luck, but helped me retain interest and experiment more in my cooking. Now I enjoy cooking.

Like every other girl, even my cooking is a big influence of my mothers recipes. When ever I cook the scale to gauge my cooking skills is “Moms taste Scale”. The scale has only two entries: Tastes like moms food and does not like moms food.

My husband loves traditional Andhra (a state in south India) home food. When I searched on the net for these recipes I found that there were very few entries. I always call my mom or mom in law for noting down the recipes. And then one of my friend Aruna started a post called “amma cheti vantalu” (means mothers recipes in Telugu) with many of the native Andhra recipes. She also comes from same place as we do. This post of hers was extremely impressive. As an extension this idea I thought it will be very nice if I too start posting my recipes.

I am sure, all these will be easy and tasty. Taste the Andhra spice, Worth giving a try!!


2 responses to “Vintaina Vantakambu

  1. Venkatesh Nekkanti

    nee meedha nammakam tho try chesthunna mari???

    Emayna nuvve responsible

  2. Namaskaram Narmatha garu

    naa peru p.s.c naidu editor and publisher of please send some of your kavithalu or any intresting storeis or ur life style storeies any thing pls send me iwill publish in my e-magazine in telugu language pls open above website and mail me with your comments and suggestions

    good day
    thank u very much

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