A dream come true…

My grandma passed away when I was 2. She was wonderful lady and a woman of success.  I am her only granddaughter… she left behind all her jewellery for me.  As a family tradition the old ones donot encourage us to buy sapphires for jewellery thinking it might bring badluck home. But my sweet mom got one for me.

PS – This I wrote in about 2 hrs when in a planning meeting.   observe the last words in all the sentences Start with ‘W’

Sipping into the wine, I gazed through the window

The pleasant breeze pulled me for a walk.

Across the road, I saw her in the woods,

In the Dark, It was all brilliant White!

Swaying in the wind, her gown shined like her wings.

I went closer and rubbed my eyes, do I know who??

Grandma!! I exclaimed in Wonder!

She smiled and shook her wand.

In my hands, was the topper of my wish – list.

I said why? But why!

With her hand on my cheek, she said “Today is your wedding”.

A deliberate Squeal! To open my eyes it took a while.

I was back in the real world with my brother’s whistle.

Two years later was not a dream but my real wedding.

My mother kissed on my forehead and said “I know your wish”.

Shinning bright in her hand was the “wedding gift”.

Sapphires and Diamonds in white – Gold!!!



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8 responses to “A dream come true…

  1. Nice one. Is there any significance to W – words?

  2. Actually the first four lines I wrote ended with a W, Thats when I thought I can make a pattern.

  3. Ashok

    Namz the lines are impressive!

  4. Dr.S.K.Kodecha

    Totally are very nice. You hv described naturally. Thanks god bless you.

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