Are we not opening the Pandora’s Box by calling to split the state……

How much we love to say we are from India? How much we love to say we are from Andhra Pradesh (The food bowl of India)? How much we love to say we are from Hyderabad? All the Telugu people out there….. How many of you have not stepped in Hyderabad to reach your global destinations? How many of you have not adored Hyderabad Biryani or Andhra Chepala Pulusu. We all share the same ambitions to see this land that made what we are stand high among others and Flourish like the lavish greenery of the Costal Andhra and Glorious past of the Nizam Era.

If you lived in Hyderabad all your lives, If you have had friends from all around Andhra, If you have loved your place the food we eat (Biryani), The language we talk (Hyderabadi), The Climate we experience, The warmth the religious harmony creates, The industrial and educational values it spread to the world. dividing this land will pinch your hearts and hit your brains. We have been the building blocks of this land, divide the blocks and fall of the Land will follow. We all need to stand tall and support the unity of the statehood.

People Talk about the Cultural and Linguistic differences as jump start for a Separate state. But why cant two people who speak two different Languages probably different Dialects live together??? For this definitely my family is an example… I speak Andhra Telugu because of the parental influence my brother speaks Telangana Telugu because he learnt the language from his friends. Both together probably speak ‘AndhraGana’ which I or we Hyderabadis’ Proclaim to be ‘HYDERABADI’. Does this mean it’s a new culture…. Absolutely not, it is a mixture of the Old dominants. Culture cultivates from the Land we live (May because of its vegetation, Climate, Monsoon etc). But land does not come from the culture we create or the Language we speak.

I will say to split the state is to divide the family.

In the Saga of Globalization, We are creating new ‘isms’ Castism, Languagism, Stateism etc to create new divides and new problems. How different is all this from the Pandora’s Box of troubles.

How many you think we need to be together?? How many of you will vote for SAMAIKYA ANDHRAPRADESH.



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6 responses to “Are we not opening the Pandora’s Box by calling to split the state……

  1. Venu

    I wish it stays united

  2. Ravi Teja

    I wish partition seekers must understand understand. The solution is not state division. It creates more differences and problems.

  3. Sravanth

    I think people try to use any “ism” to make them happy…just like you are in a group of “Chowdharies in USA” in a social website.(Sorry for being personal…I just want to condemn the class way of handling things by saying…why should we be divided on castes…One small idea is to fight against name tails)

    Telangana Issue has been burning for at least 10 years and there is no voice raised for a sincere attempt to look into it.A dummy committee was formed on the last day of previous assembly session.

    Had the Sri Krishna Committee was formed in 2002 or 2004 …it would have been a different scenario.

    Even if Telangana comes you can still say Hyderabad is yours and can speak Andhragana.

    If you are for United Andhra Pradesh’s fine..but why do you say that it is like opening a Pandora’s box?

    • We all can be proud being what we are as long we don’t criticize or offend others. Nothing changes for belonging to caste, Region , religion or community. the problem comes only when you want to defame or Divide anything.

      State or countries are just administrative we should not divide them or rule them with cultural and Linguistic issues. We all have differences which can be solved very easily. But by becoming two entities we welcoming more trouble.

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