My Honda Civic – Unlock Radio and Navigation System

It’s really frustrating to have a new buy that’s stops working with no fault of yours. The same thing happened with my new cars (Honda Civic 2009) Radio/CD player

How it happened: Last week the weather suddenly changed and the morning fog and sleet have started, this forced my husband to switch on the head lights during the day and he forgot to switch them off. The car battery got discharged and we got it recharged. The next day we noticed the Radio/ CD player read ‘Enter Code’.  The radio got locked out as the Anti Theft system got activated. 

It could also happen when you are replacing your battery or you disconnect the battery for any other reason. The Same thing can also happen with Car Navigation System. And you can follow the same Steps given below. 

And how to fix it:  

–          You will not find a clue from the User Manual.

–          If you enter a wrong code when the CD player says Enter Code it will read ‘CODE ERR 1’ for first time and will allow you enter Ten wrong codes and the radio will lock out and will read ‘CODE ERR E’ – Your Radio is locked out, that’s when you cannot enter anymore codes.

–          If you call up any Honda Service Station mostly likely they will try to bargain how much you will have to pay, 50 $, 100 $, 150 $, for getting your radio fixed.  They might be really nice and fix it for you but it will cost you your time. 

I have gone through the above painful research and was not ready to shell out any bucks for fixing a problem I have not created. Further more for a week I searched on the net from a couple places gathered information, and HURRAY!! It worked!! We fixed it. Believe me, it was very easy. (I have seen a lot of people have the same problem and put up so many questions on the net. So I decided put all pieces, I have found and did, together.) 

Easy Steps:

–          Try to find the small zip lock packet with the Anti-Theft card put in it. This will have the Radio Serial Number(S/N) and the CODE. (Will find the Anti Theft Card in the User Manual or in the original Documentation of the Car purchase.)

–          Another place to find the S/N and CODE is the GLOVE box. Some where in the glove box you will small sticker that will have the serial number and code listed on it. (You can find it near the Cigarette Lighter)

–          Incase you do not find S/N and code, You will need your VIN # , Telephone # (Mentioned during your purchase) and Zip Code (Mentioned during your purchase) and S/N of you device

****** S/N of your device can be found: (Will work for Honda models 2000 and UP, for others may you’ll have to pull out the CD player)

  1. Turn off you Radio
  2. Hold the buttons 1 & 6
  3. Turn on the radio (Still hold on to 1 and 6)
  4. The Serial number will display , Display Will Read S/N ABC12345678D (sample)
  5. Make a note of this number.

 –          Enter All the details VIN # , Telephone #, Zip Code, S/N of you device in this  site.


–          The CODE for the corresponding Serial Number will be displayed.

–          In case you do not have any of the details, Call American Honda with your device Serial Number.


NOW that you have your CODE, You just have to enter IT 

–           Just enter the code when the Radio reads ‘Enter code’.

(If Radio displays ‘Code Err1’, for the radio to read ‘Enter code’, turn off the Engine and turn on the engine and Power on the Radio.)

–          If your radio is displaying ‘Code Err E’ (This will happen because you entered the wrong code too many times) you will have to reset your Radio.

–          You will have to disconnect the Negative Terminal of your car battery and wait for a couple of minutes and reconnect it again. (for this you’ll need a SIZE 10 Spanner)

–          Turn On the ignition, Power on the Radio, now the Radio Should Display ‘Enter CODE’ and you can enter you code. 

Once you enter the correct code the Radio/CD player will give a Loud Beep and everything is SET!






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5 responses to “My Honda Civic – Unlock Radio and Navigation System

  1. bukky ajayi

    i need some detail about the copany ways

  2. Nicole

    Thank you for this post! You got my radio to work again! 😀

  3. phebe banu

    Thank you so much. I’ve fixed my radio. Its indeed quite frustrating. I’m saving d code for any unforseen circumstance.

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