The Wedding Gift !!

I was unpacking all my wedding gifts. The big one that was presented by my school friends was very exciting to open. What would it be inside the wrapper?!!

I opened the wrapper with curiosity,”OH MY GOD !!” it was an ANTIQUE GUN neatly packaged in glass. ( can be used as a wall piece).

But why ??!! a gun ?? for a wedding ?? funny !! every one around me started laughing. They had their own explanations for this.

My mother thought my friends know me so well that my friends were reminding me that its time to lock my mouth ( like the gun has been packed in the glass)

My kid bro thought now that I was married I will have to safe guard my new house from thieves. when thieves barge in I could brake the glass and use the gun (like how we use the fire alarm).

My aunt thought, if I and Srinu (my husband) had a fight, I could use the gun at least for a sudden scare if not for a shoot out.

All of us had a big laugh and I hung it on the wall in my room !!! I just Loved it !

We recorded this incident as one of my friends’ asked me to! He was not sure if I would like the gift and did not agree to the fact that the Gun was good for a gift. (what explanation did he have for it ?!!! )



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