Logo Quiz

I am very fond of quizzes. The tickle they run across my spine gives a wonderful feeling. One such quiz is this logo quiz. It was not only fun solving this but also has good memories attached to this.

I got this as a circulated mail 4 years back when I was working in Satyam. My friend Kamala and I joined in Engineering Solutions as the first gals in that department. We were solving this quiz one day and it attracted our other team mates to our seats. This was the first conversation, after 3 months of our joining in the team; we had with our boy team mates, Sameer, and Sushanta.

From then on we were good friends and just not colleagues. The conference room, where myself and kamala used to work from, became a meeting place for every one. Everyday we together solved more stuff and sent it across to everyone in the department. This friendship of ours brought in marked change in the work atmosphere of our office. It became more fun and we were identified as a few of the most lively energetic people.

And now, after 4 years, I pulled out this puzzle from my old mails (was very tedious) for conducting a game at a gathering!! I was happy to see that many of them were excited to participate. All the drunk came up to their toes scratching their heads and trying to remember the brands for the logos.

I have loaded the Logo Quiz Excel to the Think in box on the left column.


Sushanth , myself , Kamala and Sameer....

Thats Sushanta , Myself, Kamala and Sameer!!



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