Did the married life change me ………

All my life I believed nothing is going to change me. Every good friend mine told me “Do not change Namrata, you are sweet this way.” I not only promised to all my friends but also to myself that I will never change.

There are some incidents that made me take this decision. My close friends who got married much before me, the life that I shared with them after their marriage to the life we shared together before their marriage was so very different. Sometimes this made me feel bad, some times angry and some times depressing. Bad because I no more have the emotional freedom in the relation; Angry because my place in the priority list was shifting down in the list; and depressing because days might be the same for me too in the future.

What are big changes that hurt me? No phone calls, not even picking up my calls, sometimes worse not even mails, no going out, One movie plan would get postponed n number of times, cannot drop into their house any time I wished to, no ganging up and meeting, no freedom to be as I am in front of their new family and many more BIG things.

All I thought was how can I miss those unforgettable days where we were just a phone call away couldn’t stop communicating the smallest things, Movies, eating out, fun, ganging up late in the night, and all the fun with my dearest buddies.

Going back and complaining these things to my friends was making things more complicated. Rather than soothing me, they newly found me talking too much, not punctual, freaking out too much, not understanding at all, not responsible and the list went on.

Life was going on with new friends, I was on my own way going trips, movies, late night parties, dinners, pubs, long drives, getting up late in the morning, sleeping late in the night, working late hours at office, my books, gym, TV shows, eating out, absolutely unpredictable what I was going to do the following hour.

My problems were repeating, the next bunch of friends getting married and my worries coming back. And again I made my promise “I shall not change!” Like this I found myself hanging out with a bunch of boys (all the girlies got married)

One fine day, on the 31st day of August 2007 I got married. Now it’s nearly 10 months that I am married. How much did I change?!

This is my life now ….

I get up late in morning as usual run to work.

Come back and COOK,

That’s is in BIG letters because this is the biggest change .. I never came back home on time, I never cooked before marriage and neither did I appreciate people who cooked for me. I always believed eating out is tastier, time saving and fun. How mean was I, now I realize. I understand the pain of cooking, and the happiness in cooking for people whom we love. My first sorry goes to my Mom, who cooked all her life to make me happy and healthy and I never realized this always went back home after I ate outside never bothering to inform her that I am not going to home for dinner.

Watch TV,

This is one dumb thing I have started doing now, I call it relaxation yet I know am killing my time with the worst weapon.


I haven’t done much of this too all my life, Where ever I was I relied upon others, at home It was my mom who was right behind me cleaning up all the stuff I pulled out, In Guntur when I was in hostel it was Brinda my buddy, in BBSR when I was there for training it was Bala and Bindu. And in London it was Sunita.

But now in America married Namrata is all different!! I spend a lot of time cleaning and arranging stuff.

Then Eat and Sleep!

How much I Love to eat out!! But I am cooking now, so everyone has to eat at home .. haha!! This is what I expect!

Week ends are more than hectic, visiting the grocery store, cleaning the house, and the big activity sleeping.

Oh my God !!! How much did I change?!!!!

Where are my books! Where is my gym! Where are my friends!!! Where is my phone!!! Yet there is the fun !!!

I know I have lost my time for most of these things! Unknowingly my priorities have changed, my responsibilities have doubled. Now I understand how life changes after marriage! Every day now I understand how my friends would have felt in the transition to married life.

This is the biggest transition in Life! This transition will not change who you are what you are but it changes in the way of living. Now I understand all I feared or didn’t want to go through was this transition. Thanks to Srinu my husband who helped me survive this transition better.




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10 responses to “Did the married life change me ………

  1. vasi

    good you realised atleat after marriage……and plz avoid food from out as possible as u can………….any way a good blog

  2. Namrata

    Thanks buddy ! I only started cooking! may be to stop eating out will not be possible for me! I still love to eat out.

  3. Sunil

    I appreciate the blog content and intent.For sure this will give security for all mates to get married to any unknown person too with the only fact if they are genuine and true so will the other half be………….I would also like to add a FACT to your blog that life will always be changing and can never be the same for everyone.It has a cycle like our SDLC methodology with different phases from childhood till eternal rest, and even god or any legend on earth had to undergo it…..What matters is the attitudes with which you invite the phase and the support you got to handle and flulfill them….For blessed kids like you; always you had and will have both around….With the best parents in the world like yours and an understanding hubby and with cooperative Future Sweet kids and an extended arm support till eternal rest from GOD/Friends for sure life is a Boon for you..and thats what i call it as blessed life…………………I wish all your mates a blessed life….CHEERS MATE

  4. sandeep

    Hi sis,
    I dont know u but i have seen u from my cousins scrap book his name is narasimha. Its interesting to see this blog.Nice experiences.

  5. sandeep

    can u please send me kavitas on friendship.I like collecting kavitas.

  6. Sridevi Nekkanti

    Hi Namrata,
    Enjoyed reading ur poetry which is really simple and meaningful. Ur experiences r interesting…..

  7. Sravani

    Hi Namrata,

    While I was reading the blog,the one that came into my mind was myself…Its exactly my life…good one…keep it up 🙂

  8. Ramesh Chandrs

    It’s fact that priorities change after marriage.

    We need to accept the change and life will be bautiful than yesterday.

    I wish you couple … happy time….

  9. ram

    hey namrutha …gud blog…. na friends andarki marriage ayipothundi…. i feel the same now….I am still in the phase of complaining….. konchem kastam e kani e change ki adjust avvali 😦

  10. i always have this doubt how can you manage all this after marraige also. but i understand now very nice experiences u shared i liked that english one abt the wedding and all

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