A dream come true…

My grandma passed away when I was 2. She was wonderful lady and a woman of success.  I am her only granddaughter… she left behind all her jewellery for me.  As a family tradition the old ones donot encourage us to buy sapphires for jewellery thinking it might bring badluck home. But my sweet mom got one for me.

PS – This I wrote in about 2 hrs when in a planning meeting.   observe the last words in all the sentences Start with ‘W’

Sipping into the wine, I gazed through the window

The pleasant breeze pulled me for a walk.

Across the road, I saw her in the woods,

In the Dark, It was all brilliant White!

Swaying in the wind, her gown shined like her wings.

I went closer and rubbed my eyes, do I know who??

Grandma!! I exclaimed in Wonder!

She smiled and shook her wand.

In my hands, was the topper of my wish – list.

I said why? But why!

With her hand on my cheek, she said “Today is your wedding”.

A deliberate Squeal! To open my eyes it took a while.

I was back in the real world with my brother’s whistle.

Two years later was not a dream but my real wedding.

My mother kissed on my forehead and said “I know your wish”.

Shinning bright in her hand was the “wedding gift”.

Sapphires and Diamonds in white – Gold!!!



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Are we not opening the Pandora’s Box by calling to split the state……

How much we love to say we are from India? How much we love to say we are from Andhra Pradesh (The food bowl of India)? How much we love to say we are from Hyderabad? All the Telugu people out there….. How many of you have not stepped in Hyderabad to reach your global destinations? How many of you have not adored Hyderabad Biryani or Andhra Chepala Pulusu. We all share the same ambitions to see this land that made what we are stand high among others and Flourish like the lavish greenery of the Costal Andhra and Glorious past of the Nizam Era.

If you lived in Hyderabad all your lives, If you have had friends from all around Andhra, If you have loved your place the food we eat (Biryani), The language we talk (Hyderabadi), The Climate we experience, The warmth the religious harmony creates, The industrial and educational values it spread to the world. dividing this land will pinch your hearts and hit your brains. We have been the building blocks of this land, divide the blocks and fall of the Land will follow. We all need to stand tall and support the unity of the statehood.

People Talk about the Cultural and Linguistic differences as jump start for a Separate state. But why cant two people who speak two different Languages probably different Dialects live together??? For this definitely my family is an example… I speak Andhra Telugu because of the parental influence my brother speaks Telangana Telugu because he learnt the language from his friends. Both together probably speak ‘AndhraGana’ which I or we Hyderabadis’ Proclaim to be ‘HYDERABADI’. Does this mean it’s a new culture…. Absolutely not, it is a mixture of the Old dominants. Culture cultivates from the Land we live (May because of its vegetation, Climate, Monsoon etc). But land does not come from the culture we create or the Language we speak.

I will say to split the state is to divide the family.

In the Saga of Globalization, We are creating new ‘isms’ Castism, Languagism, Stateism etc to create new divides and new problems. How different is all this from the Pandora’s Box of troubles.

How many you think we need to be together?? How many of you will vote for SAMAIKYA ANDHRAPRADESH.


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Emptying the Attic …………. Filling the air with memories…..

2007 April – My wedding with S was finally fixed (Ours was Love marriage that why I used the word ‘finally’). The first preparation step towards the wedding was renovating our house. My mother was very happy and had already spoken to one of our neighbors about renting their house temporarily.

We had to vacate the house for workers to start their work. We had been living in the same house for more than 20 years, trying to empty the house was very tedious… we were digging in, more and more things were coming out. It was the turn of the attic in my bed room. One of the workers had climbed in plugged in a bulb and exclaimed to see number of the articles (Baboi idi antha kaali cheyali antey oka roju antha paduthundi amma!!!) that were dumped here over the years.

First thing that came down THUD!!!, was a bag filled with my footwear that I probably collected for a few years. My mother dared to put them up all up in dirty gunny bag. MUMMY ….. goes high a horrifying tone … but then no use she was no where around not even in the mood to take all this. Opened bag neatly and slowly to see all them covered layers of dust, all them looked like they were of the same color .. Err…. brown or beige or biscuit or something in between. I dug into the bag found one of my favorite pair of chappals that bought in Pune a few years ago. Beige flats with the finger holder and leg strap nicely embroidered with yellow and purple threads. I neatly cleaned them with cloth hanging around and put my legs into them and thought of nice bhandini print salwar.

Then about 7 school bags filled with books came down. When I was kid I had habit of buying a new school bag every year. After every years annual exams I would pack all my books in the bag and put them up in the attic (waiting for my dad to buy me a new school bag). This practiced continued till my graduation days; only thing that changed was that the books would go into the huge bookshelf. I opened a couple of school bags and was going through a couple of books. I was amazed to find my ten years report cards; each had a passport size photograph on it. Looked through all of them and was wondering how much one changes and learns in 10 years. I was smiling looking through those report card not remember how good I was at studies(Was just above average in class, never got any ranks nor aimed for any) but good and joyful those days were.

Out came a cry for help and jumped out of the memories, it was my maid she was not able to carry the suitcase that was being passed on to her. The green suit case came down to floor from our hands. This was my favorite suitcase, the biggest one we had (the hard suitcase with out wheels) in our house. If my mother was packing this, it meant that we were going out on a looooooong vacation, usually for summer holidays. It had lost its handle but was still heavy. I opened the box to find heaped up clothes squeezed down into the box… all mine. One by one I removed them and picked up a few of favorites –

The Famous DDLJ dress, mine was Bluish black, I remember it had a creamy top that went with it, could not find the top in big lot.

  1. Two long skirts, one white with huge black flowers on it and other with pink flowers on it and seeing I thought I could where them around at least couple more time since long skirts were in and I can be sure no one around will wear something like mine.
  2. A blue Denim shirt, on which Jadeja signed for me in Banglore airport (got big growl from my mother when back home for spoiling nice new expensive shirt and then that was OK. I loved Jadeja)

Soon I went into next room pulled over the DDLG dress. It looked perfect on mismatched blouse, a little above my knees. I was proud that my 8th standard dress still fits at the age of 24.

A long list of items started to pour down badminton bats (just the frame and no nets), flattened football and volleyball, Barbie Doll- hair standing upright (would have had hair cut in my bro’s Salon) and twisted legs and couple of bhindis sticking to it ….. and went on a list of old toys….I then a opened rolls of posters, seeing them I couldn’t stop laughing. All of them of Saif Ali Khan, with a curly crop of undone hair and funk both on the fore head and the neck, this was may be during the days of Mein Khilladi tu Anadi Days. My father never allowed putting them up on the walls.

Then, big things lined up down the attic. Stored teak wood which was probably put up when we actually built the house in 86 – 87 and never saw light again. Fevicol cans that had manufacturing dates of 1985, 1986. Boxes of rusted nails and screws, Aluminum chairs (which I remember seeing only old photographs), Huge utensils that probably used for cooking during our Gruhapravesh in 87. Steel utensils with my grandfather’s name etched on it. Old mattress and bed sheets brought together with a dobi knot and loads of other things. All of them put together could help two families sufficient with home supplies.

By afternoon we put everything on the floor and my mother walked in, as she saw me she started laughing seeing my attire an old hat, a brown top with DDLJ dress and jeans beneath and clad in pair dusty embroidered chappals. The rest of the evening we spent in distributing all stuff to the watchman and other workers. Except the wood, a few clothes and of course my footwear we had nothing we could use or will use again. Finally we had an empty Attic.

Now my mother has gotten back her storage space. And from the next day we all know what’s going to happen. All that’s useless will go up again and get accumulated probably till before my brother gets married and that’s no near … may be another ten years to go.

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Asheville Drive…..

AshevillleI read about Asheville in National Geographic, Its one of 100 most adventures places in the US and one of most beautiful scenic drives for fall colors.

Though the plans to visit Asheville kept postponing week after week for several reasons, we (Me, Srinu, Sumanth and Vinay) finally made it last week. It’s about two hours drive from Charlotte, very serene and colorful, especially during this season. It had been showering all day and we were hoping that it would be clear by the time we reached the view points. Exactly as we thought, it stopped raining as we neared Asheville. Crossing the peaks one after the other was fun, each of them were thickly covered with vegetation of all colors light yellow to bright purple, and those grey clouds hanging on them brought in perfect Wall paper look. We slowly made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thick fog engulfed the road and the trees We had to drive very carefully maneuvering the curvy and steep roads. Forget about the scenic beauty nothing more ten meters was visible. All the excitement vanished and we all made a call to return back. We made a little effort to take a few snaps, they were not bad, and the fog made pictures look smoky and subtle. Though the long distant beauty was missing we could capture the local foliage and leafless brown trees in the mist. And slowly as we strolled slowly the fog was clearing out revealing the most beautiful autumn leaves. The wet cut rock the bordered road was a perfect background for our pictures. The steep valley full of trees of all colors dark orange, light yellow, deep purple, muddy mustard and fading green was a treat to the eyes and the camera.

 The best thing about living at this latitude is being able to watch every season move in and move out so wonderfully.

After the drive and an hour of walk and photo session, had our supper at ‘Chilies’ and drove back home. Next day was bad, I was unable to get out of bed, I had about 102 F temperature and severe throat infection followed. (All because of the thick and cold fog)

PS: If any one is driving through this area during this time of the year make sure you visit this place – Asheville – NC Places to visit around Asheville (1 Hour) – Grandfather Mountain, Lenoir, Kings Mountain, Blue Ridge Pkwy,


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Letters to a Friend.

Parvez Kabir is my best friend’s classmate at Tagore’s Shanti Niketan. He is an Arts student (Ph d). Our friendship is so subtle (very faint) we never met; never spoke much to each other, just heard stories about each from this common friend of ours.

I happened to read one of his forwarded messages about his work at an Art Work shop and then the letters between us started.

To follow the letters you will have to read the below pieces:

Kabir’s Work

First –     http://khojworkshop.org/book/peers_2008_project_book

Second – http://khojworkshop.org/node/7163


 from parvez kabir kabir.parvez@gmail.com

 dateThu, Jun 12, 2008 at 10:51 AM

subjectkhoj essays- first and second ones


hide details 6/12/08

dear friends, 

my second essay for khoj peers 2008 is up on the website. those who have recieved and read the first one [and those who didn’t] have more or less shown satisfaction with the piece. i guess that gives me the opportunity to send another one, with the hope that u all will be kind and patient enough to read me again. this essay, i believe is a little more uncompromising in nature, and my next, i hope will be even more sharp and critical. i beleieve in arithmatic progress..so lets hope i’ll be thrown out on the fourth. thank u and pl give ur feedbacks. this is the link: 

the first piece [for those who didn’t get it earlier]- http://khojworkshop.org/book/peers_2008_project_book

the second piece [new]- http://khojworkshop.org/node/7163 

p.s- sahana di, i am working 🙂

    -arnab, life is made of two things: chaai and everything else.

    -sritama, dont concentrate on shiv da’s assignment

     -subrata, see u in 6 days, have been eager to see ur new works

    -baba, see u in 8 days and this time i am gonna burn ur beard completely.

    -shabari di, see u in 12 days, have been missing u for some time.

    – ankita, arnab, and sritama, see u in 25 days.

    -papan da, trying to get the gurudakshina !

    -jackie, …………[the nodding from dulhe raja]

    – dhrupadi, i will b expecting a response.


 Reply Namrata Nekkanti to parvez


Dear Kabir,

I just went through your essay!

I kind of liked the process that’s happening in Peers. I am freely voicing all my comments on your work though I am not competent to do so. But I think somehow this is near to my heart.

(l am not an artist or not even near to such a kind so most of my words will be from the generic world).

Firstly the Process, I am very glad to know that even the artistic process has begun to get importance. I believe, when the end product is too impressive the good process that went behind it goes down in importance. The product records more praise than the process and the process is slowly forgotten and left much behind the excellence of the product. On the other hand when the end product fails to live up to the expectations the process behind it is easily thrown into the dustbin.

All of us fail to understand the hard work that has been put in either case. I think this is universal in nature in any field of work.

Secondly your peers at Peers, It is fascinating to learn how people are, how they think and how impulsively they can transform their thoughts to reality. I am sure the passion and determination behind would be immensely strong. I liked the story of Sandeep and the way you conceived it to the outside world.I feel, Sandeep has achieved the most important thing- Captivated the enigmatic perceptions of people and designed the armor between God and evil. The potential of creativity is brought out to light, with the combination of minimum raw material, constraints of the world and pouring imaginations. That’s the beauty of art. .It is very interesting to know, how fascinating ideas can be constrained by various forces like natural incompatibilities and technical incapability. And the process behind this is definitely worth a notice or worth applause.   Your stories have brought out the concealed facts how each person adopts his ideas with in the existing world to bring out the best at the same time preserving and radiating his true inner self.

Finally your Presentation, I probably wouldn’t have to tell you that your presentation of the topic was very appealing otherwise you wouldn’t have been picked to elaborate. I am happy about the fact that I was able to read this and share my ideas with you. Apart from the three Ps I mentioned (Process. Peers and Presentation) with reference to your essay I have been impressed by the usage of the following Ps in your presentation –

“Project Priory” 

“Pedagogic Project”

“Powerful exorcism”

“Parallels the experience”

“Perceptive Observations”

These words have given the intended support and strong emphasis to the point in narration. They increased my adherence with the topic and persuaded me to write to you so elaborately. The only one disagreement I have is a “fissure” compared to a “bridge”. I some how was not comfortable to perceive it the same way as you did.

Also, the descriptions of Delhi reminded me my childhood days. I distinctly remember the word ‘Murals’ which was explained to me by a tour guide in the bus, when we made a trip to many historic places and monuments in Delhi, following my curiosity after text book lessons at school.

After I finished the last paragraph, I realised that I have completed one full word sheet. I am sure I am giving enough pain to you even before you replied to my last mail. Anyways have a happy reading session. And dont forget to reply me mentioning how much you felt like tearing this mail off if it were a paper. Haha !

Bye ! 




parvez kabir to me

show details 7/1/08

dear Namrata,

finally i am replying ur mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went to Bombay for 3 days…just came back. this is the first thing i want to do without wasting any more time, so lets begin…

u wondered whether i’ll feel like throwing ur response to my khoj paper into the bin. Very funny. I think ur response was extremely perceptive, and if I am allowed to say so…out of the ordinary. all this may sound too bookish but i have reason to say so. lets look at the reasons first. why perceptive?

the first thing that touched me in ur mail is ur sensibility. i liked the way u wrote…”The product records more praise than the process and the process is slowly forgotten and left much behind the excellence of the product. On the other hand when the end product fails to live up to the expectations the process behind it is easily thrown into the dustbin.  All of us fail to understand the hard work that has been put in either case. I think this is universal in nature in any field of work.”

this, i believe, shows how attentive and even sympathetic u r towards the process we are talking about. I know u wont like the word ‘sympathy’, but let me remind u that in renaissance Italy, the word was used in the context of ‘connection’ and not pity. Leonardo da vinci [an aries as u know] once compared the landscape to the human body, the mountains are the bones, the rivers blood…so on so forth. this was understood as sympathy. so, i think i would not b wrong to say that u seemed to b sympathetic to the matter in question and i applaud the fact. many of us do not think twice before commenting on something which is outside their ambit of knowledge. some even pretend to be all knowing. they r cynics. a truthful and unpretentious reader always try to connect himself/herself to the matter in question. that needs effort. that needs an erasure of ego. that needs humility. cynics do not have any of that. u have, and u made an effort to voice on the subject u feel connected to. i loved that.

secondly, why ‘out of the ordinary’?

i believe any person related to my field will miss the coincidental use of all the ‘p’s used in my essay. i myself missed it. i dont know how u came up with that observation, but there can b various reasons. may b one of ur ancestors had a cup of coffee or shared the pipe with sherlock holmes. perhaps one of ur ancestors put on a scarf made by miss marple. also possible is ur terrific preoccupation with word games. but i think the real reason is ur ability to spot patterns. this is a quality which is rare in people. there is no underlying law in here, some people are simply extraordinary in spotting patterns out of a random wave of words. u need to think visually or see verbally to do so. i am happy to let all these words go only to be returned through ur processing mind. it makes me feel good and it makes me grow as a writer.

now that i have explained myself in my usage of the two phrases to describe ur response, let me go ahead with two or three other related observations. i am glad u liked sandeep’s work. u will b amazed to know that the other artists have complained that i am giving sandeep a relatively greater importance! it is true that i feel connected to his work but i never did it consciously. i felt sad when they accused me of favoritism. i actually feel very sad for people who want me to change something which i believe is not unfair. i feel sad because they force me to hurt them. i am writing the third paper for khoj, and here too i have very nice things to say about sandeep’s works. i dont want to hurt the other four, but i am fated to carry out what i think is right till my death. so…thousand complaints wont help here…i am not budging [sigh].

now the question about the fissure and the bridge. i kind of agree with u that i did not articulate it well and it rather looks like a half hearted rhetoric. i dont have anything to say in defense, i could have done better. i accept. it is a poor theorization. next time i will do better.

the murals! i am glad to know i returned this word to ur life after so many years. a mural, i believe is one of the truest form of art. it is open, for everyone, is part of a functional architecture and it gives u a feeling that u r living with it ! imagine ur drawing room with murals by Raphael [another aries], imagine ur bedroom ceiling with van Gogh’s [another one] starry nights. a mural, unlike a painting is not caged or compressed inside a wooden frame. it spreads and engulfs the viewer. a mural is like a very good friend, enveloping and assuring u with comfort. but well, u need to know the limits…too much handling will spoil both.

okay so that was my response to ur response…but i have no intention to stop here. since u have asked in some other mail questions about my favorite cuisine and other things…i would bore u a bit more with these informations. about cuisine, i love anything punjabi and i love hyderabadi biryani. besides, i love anything which starts with the word c. curd, cheese, chicken, chocolate, coffee….u name them, the list is endless. now let me randomly put forward some of my scattered thoughts around my favorite topics, starting with..

1. philosophy: a certain understanding of philosophy keeps me alive. i will die the day i lose interest in philosophy. i believe in two forces…one which is expanding, another contracting. after every act or decision i take in my life, i ask myself whether this act has made me big or small. its an inner feeling of being satisfied with something or bearing a guilt. i am extremely sensitive and i cannot sleep knowing i have done something wrong.

2.chess: i play chess at the second highest level of professional chess. what i love in chess is its similarity with life and art. all three have one thing in common. in everything u do, u know how to begin. then after a point u adjust urself to the rhythm of things, u have to embrace the logic of the game. when u paint, u start with something. then u adjust it with the medium, the color spreading, the paper getting dirty etc. same with arranging a bunch of flowers in a flower vase. however great a chess player u r, ur play is only possible in relation to the opponents moves. the best player is he who is capable of playing a game irrespective of the course the game takes after sometime. he will adjust and modify accordingly. same with the best artist. same with a good human being who can come to terms with the course his/her life takes, however good or bad it is.

3.literature: i read everything but nothing touches me more than latin american literature. i love the work of borges and marquez. a very very strong recommendation for u: go get ‘100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE’ by gabriel garcia marquez. its a nobel prize winning novel which changed innumerable lives so far. if u r less interested in epics and prefer love stories, get urself ‘LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA’ again by marquez. if u want to know about art…start walking towards a book store and get STORY OF ART by E.H.Gombrich. this book is the mother of all art books and i have a longtime ambition to write a Story of Indian Art as a supplement to this masterpiece. i have already into collecting materials but will take a good ten years time to launch my masterpiece. hopefully by then i will b known everywhere.

4.kids: my best friend is a four year old. he is an extremely intelligent kid and he loves me. he refuses to believe that i teach in a college. when i meet u in delhi or wherever…i will tell u his stories. do bring a hammer then, u may have to hit urself on ur head in order to prevent laughter. anyways, kids are the best. i always treat them as equals and they have never let me down. one of my friends, prithwish, who is married to a serbian girl is about to become a father in october. his serbian mother in law cannot pronounce prithwish properly, so she calls him Peter. guess what name am i going to give to his kid if its a boy ! i am going to call him ‘Repeater’.

ok, i am stopping here. u know…i can go on and on and on, but i should give u a breathing space atleast ! i guess this mail was full of self indulgent things and there r times where i sounded a bit narcissistic. i am sorry for that. but the point is…the next mail then will b all about u. its ur duty now to reply with things that r close to ur mind and heart. i will be waiting to read all that. till then, take care…have a nice time. my wishes for u, ur hubby, ur family and friends. all the best.

p.s- have u ever noticed what a perfect aries u r ? there is R-A-M in N-A-M-R-A-T-A ! aries is symbolized by a ram.


After whole big conversation and a few chats in between, it made me realize ART is so universal. It can penetrate through any one just like the feeling of LOVE does.


PS: ‘KABIR’, I have a lot affinity to this 5 letter word, Esp after learning so many ‘Kabir key Dohe’ in Hindi Classes I know it has a lot of good Associated to it. And after watching Mani Ratnam’s ‘Bombay’ Movie, in which one of the twins name is ‘Kabir Narayan’, this name became much closer to my heart. I have it on top of list for my to be born Kids’ probable names.

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నా జడలతొ నీవు ఆడిన ఆటలు
నా నవ్వు కోసం నీవు పెట్టిన చక్కలిగింతలు
నా బుంగ మూతి చూసేందుకు నీ చిలిపి పనులు

కలిసి తిన్న జామకాయలు
ఆడిన ఆటలు పాడిన పాటలు
ఆ చిన్న నాటి మన చెలిమికి తీపి ఘ్నపకాలు

నీ నీడను నెనై వెసే అడుగులు
ఈనాడు బావతొ నెను ఆడె దాగుడుమూతలు
నీవు నన్ను గుర్తిస్తావు అన్న ఆశలు

వెతికే కన్నుల తొ కాదు
ప్రెమించే మనసు తొ చూడు

నీ చెయి అందుకొటానికి వేచి చూస్తునాను
మన ప్రెమ నెరీక్షణ లొ కరిగిపొతునాను

                               – నమ్రత


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My Honda Civic – Unlock Radio and Navigation System

It’s really frustrating to have a new buy that’s stops working with no fault of yours. The same thing happened with my new cars (Honda Civic 2009) Radio/CD player

How it happened: Last week the weather suddenly changed and the morning fog and sleet have started, this forced my husband to switch on the head lights during the day and he forgot to switch them off. The car battery got discharged and we got it recharged. The next day we noticed the Radio/ CD player read ‘Enter Code’.  The radio got locked out as the Anti Theft system got activated. 

It could also happen when you are replacing your battery or you disconnect the battery for any other reason. The Same thing can also happen with Car Navigation System. And you can follow the same Steps given below. 

And how to fix it:  

–          You will not find a clue from the User Manual.

–          If you enter a wrong code when the CD player says Enter Code it will read ‘CODE ERR 1’ for first time and will allow you enter Ten wrong codes and the radio will lock out and will read ‘CODE ERR E’ – Your Radio is locked out, that’s when you cannot enter anymore codes.

–          If you call up any Honda Service Station mostly likely they will try to bargain how much you will have to pay, 50 $, 100 $, 150 $, for getting your radio fixed.  They might be really nice and fix it for you but it will cost you your time. 

I have gone through the above painful research and was not ready to shell out any bucks for fixing a problem I have not created. Further more for a week I searched on the net from a couple places gathered information, and HURRAY!! It worked!! We fixed it. Believe me, it was very easy. (I have seen a lot of people have the same problem and put up so many questions on the net. So I decided put all pieces, I have found and did, together.) 

Easy Steps:

–          Try to find the small zip lock packet with the Anti-Theft card put in it. This will have the Radio Serial Number(S/N) and the CODE. (Will find the Anti Theft Card in the User Manual or in the original Documentation of the Car purchase.)

–          Another place to find the S/N and CODE is the GLOVE box. Some where in the glove box you will small sticker that will have the serial number and code listed on it. (You can find it near the Cigarette Lighter)

–          Incase you do not find S/N and code, You will need your VIN # , Telephone # (Mentioned during your purchase) and Zip Code (Mentioned during your purchase) and S/N of you device

****** S/N of your device can be found: (Will work for Honda models 2000 and UP, for others may you’ll have to pull out the CD player)

  1. Turn off you Radio
  2. Hold the buttons 1 & 6
  3. Turn on the radio (Still hold on to 1 and 6)
  4. The Serial number will display , Display Will Read S/N ABC12345678D (sample)
  5. Make a note of this number.

 –          Enter All the details VIN # , Telephone #, Zip Code, S/N of you device in this  site.


–          The CODE for the corresponding Serial Number will be displayed.

–          In case you do not have any of the details, Call American Honda with your device Serial Number.


NOW that you have your CODE, You just have to enter IT 

–           Just enter the code when the Radio reads ‘Enter code’.

(If Radio displays ‘Code Err1’, for the radio to read ‘Enter code’, turn off the Engine and turn on the engine and Power on the Radio.)

–          If your radio is displaying ‘Code Err E’ (This will happen because you entered the wrong code too many times) you will have to reset your Radio.

–          You will have to disconnect the Negative Terminal of your car battery and wait for a couple of minutes and reconnect it again. (for this you’ll need a SIZE 10 Spanner)

–          Turn On the ignition, Power on the Radio, now the Radio Should Display ‘Enter CODE’ and you can enter you code. 

Once you enter the correct code the Radio/CD player will give a Loud Beep and everything is SET!





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